The Name, Mission and Nature of the Congregation

The Brothers of the Annunciation of Mary is an approved congregation (under the protection of  the Priestly Society of Christ the King and its Superior General, The Most Reverend Thom Joseph-Francis Padraic Sebastian, SSCR.) observing the First Order Rule of our Holy Father, Saint Francis of Assisi. From its foundation, our Congregation has been a true fraternity. The members, therefore, as Brothers of a single family, share in the life and work of the Congregation, each according to his own circumstances. They have equal rights and obligations, except in those matters pertaining to those Brothers in Holy Orders. Our Congregation is classified as clerical and non-clerical.

The Brothers of the Annunciation of Mary is a Traditional Roman Catholic Community of Priests and Brothers. Our Formation process for ordination accepts, trains, forms and ordains men called by God to a particular, formal, permanent ministry in Christ's Church as a priest or brother. Our initial procedure is a process of growth and then entrance into the novitiate. Processes like these take time and are more about building relationships than about book knowledge. It is about formation, not just education. It is about forming your attitudes toward ministry and about helping to strengthen your spiritual life, your relationship with God and your membership in Christ's Holy Roman Catholic Church.

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